Zening Rerorts

Zening Rerorts

Zening Rerorts

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ZENING is a family wellness holiday destination in Cyprus.

Created a new -age healthy resort it is ideal for solo travelers as well as couples and families with children who treasure a healthy lifestyle.

ZENING is an eco village resort , Grade A, with traditional Cyprus village landscape and features. It is built as a village destination – a 25 year old traditional Cyprus village turned into an eco resort.

The landscape of ZENING is hilly. It rises 25 to 35 meters from sea level in steep climbing paths and steps to access residences and facilities.

There are 20 different buildings with 10-15 rooms each.

To access rooms and restaurant it is necessary to walk up and down the hill, steps and paths.

In making of eco resort ccare has been taken to not pur concrete – instead local materials are used and no harmful cement or chemicals are poured into earth.